• Who Do We help?

    If you're residing in Singapore, seeking help for your medical needs, suddenly disadvantaged or those that had fallen through the cracks of social service, drop us a note, and let us go through your issues with you.

    How Do We Help?

    Different circumstances require different assistance, as there's no one size fits all solution. We will work with you to provide the optimum solution for your requirement either through need-based fundraising, or we can assist to refer you to the relevant authorities for your immediate assistance.
    For example, if it's for a medical emergency, funds raised will be paid directly to the medical institute; if it's for financial assistance due to suddenly disadvantaged, we will work with you to raise the amount, and dispense to you monthly, or we can help to refer you to your nearest Social Service Office for assistance.

    Are There Any Fees Or Any Admin Charges?

    No, Giveasia Kindness is a non-profit organisation, and we do not charged any any admin fees. We fundraise separately for our operation cost.


    However, for the crowdfunding campaign, we work with Stripe, a payment gateway, to process donations online via credit cards, so there's an admin fees charged by Stripe, and they are as follow:

    • Singapore Issued Visa and Mastercard= 1.5%
    • All Other cards (Amex/Diners)= 3.2% + $0.50 per transaction
    • All transactions below S$4.00= 5% + $0.10 per transaction
    • Where the presentment currency (the currency paid by the donor) is different than the settlement currency, an additional foreign exchange fee of 2% of the transaction amount will be applied to the transaction

    Payout from Stripe will usually arrive 1 week after the donation date.


    When Can I Expect Payment For My Campaign?

    We have a fixed payout date between 20th to 25th of every month, so you'll expect the payment to reach you on or before 25th of the month. As we are a structured organisation, all payout has to be endorsed by minimum 2 signatories, so there will be a cut-off date between 15th to 20th of the month, depending on the availability of our Board Members.


    We do not entertain ad-hoc request on payout unless it's for emergency and will be subject to availability of our Board Members.


    What Is The Difference Between GIVE.asia Platform and Giveasia Kindness

    Though we're using GIVE.asia platform for all the fundraising campaign, we are 2 separate entity. GIVE.asia platform is operated by social enterprise Giveasia Pte Ltd, while Giveasia Kindness is a non-profit organisation, set out only to handle cases which we can verify. In other words, if we're unable to verify your request in person or not enough documents which we asked for, at our sole discretion, we may not take up your case.

    Giveasia Kindness is the sole non-profit organisation handling all Personal Fundraiser's cases exclusively in Singapore. When you start a Personal Fundraiser's campaign on GIVE.asia Platform, it will require Giveasia Kindness approval and verification prior to allowing it to go live.
    Prior to allowing the campaign to go Live, we would also require to sign an Authorisation Form with us, to allow us to represent you to fundraise online.


    How Do I Know How Much Have Been Raised and What Happen To The Funds If My Target Is Not Achieved?

    As we promote transparency and accountability, the fund raised for your campaign can be view live on the campaign page at GIVE.asia. However, do note that the fund raised is before deduction of Stripe payment gateway fees.


    Even though when targets are not achieved, the donors do not receive any refunds and that the funds raised will still go to the intended beneficiary or the intended purpose. That is the reason why we remit once every month for the intended purpose on any updated fund raised.


    Community Guideline

    While the list below is not exhaustive, we do not entertain such campaigns:

    • campaigns containing pornographic, sexual content, adult services of any kind
    • campaigns associated with or involving terrorist or hate group activities
    • campaigns related to drug abuse, underage tobacco and alcohol consumption
    • campaigns related to gambling, betting, lottery or raffle
    • campaigns containing hurtful, graphic, racist, sexist or any harmful content
    • campaigns involving any damage or hurt to human or animals
    • campaigns for funds that are use out of Singapore
    • campaigns involve litigation, legal proceeding, legal action, lawsuit and legal dispute

    Giveasia Kindness has the right to remove any campaign that it believes violates the guidelines. Also, on a case-to-case basis, we will review and decide to remove any campaign which it deems questionable.

    The recipient has the responsibility to comply with the laws of Singapore.

    The recipient is responsible to ensure that he/she uses the funds for the purpose stated.

    If there are any questionable campaigns that require intervention of government or regulatory bodies, Giveasia Kindness will work with such bodies to take reasonable actions pertaining to such campaigns. If you see any questionable campaign on our platform or see a violation of our guidelines, report the campaign by dropping us an email at [email protected]

    Giveasia Kindness has the final say and at it’s sole discretion to allow or reject any campaign basing on their judgement and relevant documentations presented.

    How do I go about canceling a donation or ask for a refund?

    Unfortunately, due to our administration process, we do not allow cancellation or refund of donations on campaigns managed by Giveasia Kindness.


    However, there are circumstances that may justify a refund, for example: if the beneficiary passed away before we disbursed the fund, we will contact Stripe to issue the refund. Do note that refunds will be credited back to the original credit card that was used to donate to the campaign, and the refund amount will be after deduction of Stripe payment gateway fees. Refunds will be managed on a case by case basis and subject to our Board's approval.

    What will happen to the additional funds that was raised on the campaign?

    Giveasia Kindness promotes transparency and accountability to all the donors, and we will work with the fundraiser or beneficiary on the necessary funds required, and if there's any additional funds, we will, at our sole discretion, use that to help the next person in need.


    However, notwithstanding the general principle of utilising excess funds for its intended purposes, donors hereby agree that Giveasia Kindness shall have the discretion to use the amount donated for other campaigns, should the need arise.

    Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Though Giveasia Kindness is a non-profit organisation, but we're not IPC nor are we a charity. Donations made to cases in Giveasia Kindness personal campaigns are generally considered to be personal gifts and are not tax-deductible. You can always check with a tax professional to be sure.