• Who We Are

    About Us

    Giveasia Kindness is a non-profit organisation that provides aid to the sudden disadvantaged, underprivileged families and emergency medical assistance in Singapore only, through need-based fundraising as we believe that no one should be deprived of basic necessities. Fund raised in Singapore are meant to be used in Singapore only.

    We believe in working closely with government agencies, charity partners, social enterprises and ground communities to verify cases prior to provide much needed assistance.

    All donors will be provided with timely updates, accountability and transparency of their donations as part of Giveasia Kindness good governance of practices guided by integrity, accountability and transparency, on the campaign page.

    All campaigns are vetted, verified and ensure only facts reporting before it goes live to the public.

    Our Objectives

    1. To provide interim assistance to those suddenly disadvantaged on need-based fundraising, in Singapore only.
    2. To realise a vision of no human being will be deprived of proper medical care because of poverty/ lack of funds, in Singapore only.
    3. To support underprivileged families through providing need-based fundraising while working with government bodies, charity partners, social enterprises and ground communities to provide long-term sustainability plan to help the destitute
    4. To conduct due diligence and verifying cases prior to provide need-based assistance in Singapore only, through working closely with government bodies, charity partners, social enterprises and ground communities.
    5. To act as grant-maker and allocate resources to support charities, social enterprises, needy individuals and ground communities
    6. To ensure the funding that we provide and the programmes we develop with our partners must meet the needs of our beneficiaries
    7. To practice good governance guided by integrity, accountability and transparency
    8. To provide timely updates and accountability and transparency to all donors
  • How It Works

    After you’ve contacted us



    We’ll schedule a meet up with you to understand more about your issues before we proceed with the next step



    We’ll work together to bring your story out to the community, so they can come forward to help


    Impact Lives

    We hope your life will change for the better after our help, and we’ll be here to assist you along the way.

  • Know Someone In Need?

    Do let us know and we'll reach out to the person in need on your behalf to help.